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Impact of Workflow on the New Normal

By Randy Johnston, Executive Vice President, K2 Enterprises on 9/24/20 9:00 AM

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2019 Tax Season in Data: 09/01/2020

By Mark McAndrew on 9/10/20 9:00 AM

Welcome to the eighth installment of the tax season in data, for the period ending 09/01/2020. Though the filing deadline has come and gone, we’re still seeing demand for national – and comparable firm size – data from both Analytics as a Service customers and our readers. So, welcome to the post-season update!

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Productivity Trends and COVID-19: Lessons Learned and a Roadmap for the Next Normal

By Mike Sabbatis on 8/24/20 9:00 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives, businesses, and the global economy. Many organizations had to switch to a remote, distributed workforce practically overnight, and business leaders had to quickly re-examine workflow processes, try to maintain department productivity, manage new staff scheduling needs, and assess new ways to service customers. At the same time, employees have faced the new realities of staying home, working in a remote environment, adjusting to new deadlines, and new relief legislation.

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Every Successful Business Needs Workflow and Productivity Enablement

By Hillarie Diaz, CPA on 8/3/20 9:00 AM

Every day, the speed of change increases. More and more, organizations are rapidly reaching the point where there are too many competing priorities to effectively track using outdated business processes. Many of these organizations are investing in workflow technologies and productivity enablement solutions, capitalizing on the efficiencies that come from automation and optimization. The risk of not investing (RONI) is huge. Those organizations choosing not to invest place themselves in a position of competitive disadvantage, for no other reason than falling behind their industry’s technology curve.

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2019 Tax Season in Data: 07/15/2020

By Mark McAndrew on 7/30/20 9:00 AM

“Measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you have to overcome to reach your goals.” – Booker T. Washington

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How To Create a Better Business Process

By Mike Sabbatis on 6/29/20 9:00 AM

Welcome to part two of this three-part series on Business Process Improvement (or BPI). In part one I referenced Seth Godin’s quote, “We’re so busy doing our jobs, we can’t get any work done,” and it’s true. The combination of workload compression and dysfunctional processes is creating an environment where we know that there is a better way but continue to SALY (Same as Last Year) the process.

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4 Practical Questions to Kick-Start Remote Work Success Now

By Bob Amey on 6/18/20 9:00 AM

As an industry, remote work adoption has been slow until it was thrust upon us as a way to mitigate COVID-19-related shutdowns. As states start to enter phases two and three, the natural discussion of how to allow staff to work remotely in the long-term emerges.

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2019 Tax Season in Data: 05/20/2020

By Mark McAndrew on 5/25/20 9:00 AM

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"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

Benjamin Franklin is responsible for that piece of advice, and it's as accurate now as it was when he first said it in the eighteenth century. Rarely is postponi

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Building a Roadmap for the Future: Preparing to Face a Post-Pandemic Landscape

By Mike Sabbatis on 5/21/20 9:00 AM

We want to make the right decisions and not waste more time and resources. It may seem safer to take a wait and see approach, but is that really a less risky strategy? 

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2019 Tax Season in Data: 05/04/2020

By Mark McAndrew on 5/7/20 9:00 AM

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Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” It’s a funny quip, one of those sayings that, on the one hand, doesn’t make much sense but, on the other, makes all the sense in the world. If you don’t know in advance where you want to be, how will you get to where you want to go? It seems like a reasonable concept, but when the course you plot changes, how will you react?

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