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Fall is Here: Resources to Help You Succeed in the Current Normal

By Kristin Lopes, SHRM-SCP, PHR on 9/21/20 9:00 AM

As seasons begin to change, and summer starts to give way to fall, many of us are finding areas of our lives are still in flux. The ripple effects of COVID-19 have spread further, and longer, than many of us anticipated, bringing change and uncertainty into many parts of our lives:

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Coaching During COVID-19: Back to School Edition

By Jackie Flesher, CPA, CGMA on 9/14/20 9:00 AM

Note from the author: This post is directed at those who coach or mentor their colleagues.

Here it is, September already, and the ripple effects of COVID-19 are continuing to spread. On the east coast, our first day of school was last Tuesday, and same as every year, social media feeds flooded with “first day of school” photos. Unlike previous years, however, these photos tended to feature students learning in a virtual setting, as many school districts have started the new school year with remote learning.

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On the Brink of Burning Out? Why You and Your Team Need to Recharge.

By Melissa Miro, CPA on 9/3/20 9:00 AM

It goes without saying that, during the pandemic, finding ways to decompress has been challenging. For many of us, there is no end to the workday, creating an inability to step away, disconnect, and recharge. Our workday almost seems to blend into personal time, and days merge into one another with little room for daily personal tasks we once took for granted. This lack of balance between work and personal life is not healthy – it leaves staff burned out and unable to do their best work.

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5 Tips for a Successful First Day of Coaching

By Jackie Flesher, CPA, CGMA on 7/6/20 9:00 AM

For the person being coached: If you’ve read my previous blog posts on how to identify and choose a career coach (or mentor), you’re probably wondering how a coaching relationship works in the real world. Here are my top five tips for how to prepare, and what to expect, at your first meeting:   

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Coaching During COVID-19 - What Employees Need Right Now

By Jackie Flesher, CPA, CGMA on 5/4/20 9:00 AM

“Good leadership isn’t about advancing yourself. It’s about advancing your team.” This comment, attributed to John Maxwell, resonates with me right now.

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Communication is Critical in the COVID-19 Landscape

By Mike Sabbatis on 3/30/20 9:00 AM

We are living in interesting times right now. With shelter-in-place and other responses to COVID-19, businesses are finding themselves in untested waters. We are (possibly unexpectedly) managing distributed or remote workforces, running businesses during mandated social and physical distancing, and trying to understand what constitutes an “essential service”  today.

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Get In Control: Strategies to Increase Capacity

By Hillarie Diaz, CPA on 3/9/20 9:00 AM

Some projects almost complete themselves. It's as though you thought about what you wanted to have done, and it sprang, fully formed, from your head a la Athena.

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Coach vs. Supervisor - What's the Difference?

By Jackie Flesher, CPA, CGMA on 3/2/20 9:00 AM

Author’s Note: The opinions and advice in this blog post are mine and do not necessarily reflect official CLA policy around our Career Coaching program.

A coach or mentor should play a role very different from an employee’s daily supervisor. And while in some cases the direct supervisor can also be a good choice as an employee’s coach, I don’t recommend it – here’s why.

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It’s February. Where are your New Years’ Resolutions?

By Hillarie Diaz, CPA on 2/17/20 9:00 AM

New Year’s resolutions. Everyone has an opinion about them, and out of every 10 people who set them on January 1st, eight of them will have failed by mid-February.

People are not meeting their goals for one basic reason: finite resources.

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What is the Cost of Asking, “What’s Up?

By Glen Keenan, CPA on 2/17/20 9:00 AM

How much does it cost you to ask, “What’s up” with the status on your engagements? Have you ever considered what happens when you ask the question; the effects on your bottom line, on client satisfaction, on employee engagement and job satisfaction? Can you really afford to ask it?

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