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2020 in Review: Popular Content

12/28/20 9:00 AM

As 2020 comes to a close, we’ve rounded up highlights from this past year our partners and customers have found particularly useful throughout 2020. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming webinars to help set you up for success in the New Year.

Enjoy your reading. Best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season and looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

Preparing for 2021

  • Five Technology Resolutions for the New Year
    The Holiday Season provides an opportunity for reflection as well as introspection. For many, it also involves establishing goals and making resolutions for how you will live your life in the coming year. Don’t forget to consider these five technology resolutions as part of your 2021 resolutions.
  • Helping Those You Coach Prepare for Success in 2021
    As 2020 draws to a close, celebrate successes with those you coach or mentor, even if it’s just over a quick email. Focus on the positive, and set-up a meeting in January to discuss their 2021 goals.
  • How to Achieve Auditing of the Future
    Leveraging technology within a distributed environment is the key to success, but the right workflow technology can assist your firm through the multiple phases of the Audit process.
  • Make Profitable Client Accounting Services (CAS) Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution
    During this webinar, Ray Barlow, Senior Vice President and Shelli Voyer, Director of Client Accounting Services, will discuss how firms are becoming more efficient and increasing capacity by leveraging workflow technologies to automate their processes.


  • Coaching During COVID-19: What Employees Need Right Now
    In times of uncertainty, the people you coach need leadership, assistance, and, most of all, they need support, even if it’s just someone listening. If you're wondering how to start the conversation with those you coach and mentor, this post is for you.
  • Communication is Critical in the COVID-19 Landscape
    Honest, open, and authentic communication is key under normal circumstances, let alone during a global pandemic when many of your customers and clients feel stuck in crisis containment.
  • Looking Towards the Future in the Midst of a Crisis
    Crisis is an opportunity for organizations to fundamentally change how, when, and where they work, as well as an opportunity to streamline, automate, and leave stronger than they went in.

Tax Season Insights & Preparation


  • Insights on Work From Home
    As a CPA firm partner and owner, there’s not enough time in the day for you to do everything—especially things in which you have no expertise. Think about outsourcing tasks for tax and bookkeeping, communications, cybersecurity, and cloud services to take advantage of technology and move your firm forward.
  • Moving From Reactive to Proactive
    In this whitepaper, we’ve identified five proven approaches that build on the latest technology capabilities to help CFOs and Chief Tax Officers get proactive – fast.
  • Security Essentials - Managing Today's Risks
    Today’s security issues are more challenging than ever, and tomorrow’s will be even more difficult to manage. But that does not mean that securing sensitive data is a lost cause. Read this article to learn how you can manage today’s threats by adopting measures designed specifically to mitigate these risks.

Productivity Tips

  • Ensure Effective Communication with Different Personalities
    Communication is a critical component of our relationships, whether professional, with your peers, team members, or personally. Small adjustments to how you communicate with different personalities will be more effective.
  • Experience Matters: Project Management & Your Organization
    As the pace of technological change accelerates, the role of the modern accountant has extended well beyond recording financial transactions. Investing in project management methodologies, including a dedicated project manager, can increase efficiencies and capacity for additional projects.
  • How to Create a Better Business Process Part One, Part Two, and Part Three
    Effective business processes get you out of “busy” and into valuable “work.” Learn how to create a better business process in this three-part series.
  • Kill the Meetings: 5 Strategies to Increase Your Capacity
    The average executive spends 60 hours every month in meetings they consider unproductive. How do you get that time back? Ask yourself these five questions to determine the productiveness of every meeting on your calendar - and how to cancel, or repurpose, those meetings that don't make the cut.
  • Managing a Remote Workforce: XCM Productivity Tips Part One and Part Two
    Are you trying to maintain productivity and engagement while managing an unexpectedly remote workforce? Pro tip: it’s all about effective communication. Read what our remote team managers have to say about how communication can increase productivity, engagement, and group cohesion, as well as how to combat communication fatigue in a work from home setting.


Ready to prepare for 2021? Don’t forget to register for our 01/12 webinar on getting ready for tax season, where Ray Barlow, Senior Vice President and David Harris, Director of Outsourcing Operations, will discuss how to prepare for this year’s tax season using Xpitax Tax Outsourcing as well as tips and tricks you need to be successful. This webinar offers one CPE credit

Hillarie Diaz, CPA

Written by Hillarie Diaz, CPA

Hillarie is XCM’s Marketing Content Manager and blog Editor-in-Chief. She has a passion for process documentation and improvement, as well as data-driven decision-making. As an accountant who enjoys writing, she brings over a decade of experience in accounting to her analysis of the industry.